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Benefits of Properly Lubed CNC Machinery

CNC machinery requires special oil lubrication to efficiently and smoothly operate. With a cnc lubrication system, attaining proper lubrication on all of the CNC machines at your business is simple and with that decision an array of benefits also exists.  If you have a properly trained lubing expert readily available, the benefits listed below are all yours to enjoy, but there’s far more benefits than what we’ve listed here.

  • Extended Tool Life: CNC machinery isn’t cheap and replacing worn out, non-working parts isn’t an expense you want to bear more often than necessary. When you keep the tools properly lubricated, you significantly enhance their lifetime, reducing the need for both repair and replacement of these items.
  • Enhanced Finish: A sleek, smooth finish on all of your CNC machinery and tools is yet another benefit that comes when the machines are lubed properly.
  • Efficient Operation: Smooth operating machines are important to productivity at your business. When the machines are properly lubed, it is easy to get things done during the day.
  • Peace of Mind: There is added peace of mind knowing that you’ve protected your machinery to the best of your abilities. As a business owner, it is important to do all that you can to protect what is yours.
  • Affordable: Do not assume the costs of a lubrication system are out of your budget. Do not consider this as an expense but rather a necessity that protects your business and investment.

These are exciting benefits and are all yours to enjoy when you simply implement a lubrication system in place at your business. There are many additional benefits than what’s been listed here, however, and each one is yours. Do not wait any longer to add this system to your life. You will be glad that you did.

5 Reasons it’s Time to Use Clear Coating on Your Business Floor

Commercial clear coating is applied to the floors of many businesses and facilities throughout the Grand Junction area. If your facility has yet to enjoy the thrill of such work, it is time to contact a painting contractor Grand Junction CO without delay. Why is clear coating so important? Here are five of the many reasons why it is time to make that call and learn firsthand how clear coating is beneficial to your facility.

1- The versatility of epoxy clear coating makes it acceptable for use at many different types of commercial locations regardless of their size or op. If there is a concrete floor in use, these coatings are designed to enhance the paint over the top.

2- Costs oftentimes hold people back from making purchases they wish they could make. This isn’t such a time because you can afford to use clear coating services even when there is a small budget in place. Simply compare options to get the best rates.

3- When epoxy clear coating is added to the floor, you’ll enjoy a sleeker, shinier floor that demands respect. Customers will view your business as professional and worthwhile and will be interested in doing business with you as they tell all their friends of your existence.

4- An extended lifetime of the floor is yet another exciting benefit that is offered when clear coating is used on the floor. It is less susceptible to wear and tear and definitely lasts longer, with less worry and maintenance necessary to keep the floor looking beautiful.

5- The clear coating adds slip resistance to the floor, protecting employees as well as customers who come into the facility. This lessens worry and risks at your facility so you can get back to business!

Military Investments in New Tech

Whenever we think about technological advancements, especially in countries such as the United States, we think about private and commercial investments. We think about Silicon Valley and venture capitalists. And while a great many tech ideas do come from those parts of the nation, we often ignore the important role that the military plays in new technologies.

Military and Tech’s Mutually Beneficial Relationship

There is a mutually beneficial relationship that is ongoing between the United States military and the tech companies in the nation. Whether a tech company manufactures smaller components such as an rf directional coupler, or they are responsible for the massive computers or appliances that go into homes, they are likely to have some use to the military. Why? Because their technologies can be used for military purposes, which would give the United States an edge in the battlefield.

rf directional coupler

Developing New Technologies

The biggest role the military plays with tech companies is by investing in their research and development, and new technologies. If a company has a plan in the works that interests the military, or a prototype that needs investment testing before it can become mainstream, the military will partner with that company. They will invest in that company, because they can reap the benefits of that new technology or device.

Both Parties Win

Tech companies win because they now have the money to develop components, appliances, products or software they would have otherwise been unable to invest in. The military wins because it gets the earliest access to these technologies. They can adopt those technologies within their existing infrastructure, which puts them in an amazing position as compared to other militaries in the world.

These are the types of relationships that must be maintained and strengthened if technology is going to continue advancing at such a rapid rate.